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The Gameboy Clicker game that nobody ever even asked for! Created during GGJ16 In ~24 hours with mild panic everywhere around the theme of "ritual" heck, there's nothing more ritualistic than a clicker game, let's Gameboy it up. This was the sadly somewhat lacklustre result, but still, it IS a gameboy ROM I made so, here it is in all its glory. Kiss the waifus.

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AuthorRefresh Games
TagsClicker, Game Boy, ggj16, Homebrew, rom


waifu.gb 64 kB

Install instructions

Bung it on your Gameboy Flash Cart and Play away, or use an emulator such as the fantastic BGB - http://bgb.bircd.org/


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Why can you create it within 24 hours? Can I play it online? My computer is getting trouble with downloading so I cannot download it. I usually play clicker games online on freegames66.com, so can you post this game to that site.


What did you program this with im thinking about programing roms 

This is the best rom I have seen so far. For the following reasons:

It's genuinely different.

It's an old system with modern day references.

It shows my commitment to waifu.

Do you know how to program game boy games on mac

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I'm not sure you are on itch anymore. But if you come back, don't stop. Pursue the dream. I develop on Linux and occasionally Windows. I avoid high entry costs and proprietary stuff. But Mac has similarities to Linux. RGBDS and BGB are a rough route. Renpy might be a good intro for gameboy looks and you could create sprites and an interface that is gameboy green. Good luck.