A downloadable Gameboy ROM

Biotic Limit is a shoot-em-up for the Gameboy made during Gameboy Jam 5.

Battle your way through multiple types of viruses intent on taking over with both antibodies and super charged antibiotic shots.

But be careful, overuse of the antibiotics builds up resistance to your attacks so use them wisely!

Score extra lives every 100,000 points, battle through 7 stages with various bosses to smash through along the way. Smash through their defenses with antibiotics and pummel them with antibodies to save yourself!

Best played through either a Gameboy Flash Cart or using the Fantastic Emulator BGB - Downloadable here --> http://bgb.bircd.org/

An online version of the game is also playable (although please note online emulation simply isn't as good, sounds are delayed, etc,etc) here:



bioticlimit.gb 128 kB

Install instructions

This is a Gameboy ROM File which can be played via any decent emulator (such has BGB) or Flash Card.

Download BGB from http://bgb.bircd.org/ for the best emulation experience.

Will add some more to this game later on in the month including different backgrounds, more level variance and enemy types.


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What did you use to program this? Im thing about programing a rom on my mac.